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Records & Document Improvement Systems


RCS provides a full range of diverse and innovative Records and Information Management solutions for government agencies and private industry. At no cost to you*, our Certified Records Managers can evaluate your current records and information management systems, and tailor a program proposal, including return on investment, to streamline storage and retrieval of your information.


* Travel expenses for locations outside of the San Francisco Bay Area and general vicinity may be required.

Inactive Records Management Systems


Did you know that 30% of the paper in your offices is inactive? Are you storing your inactive records in closets and mini-storage units? Can you find your inactive records among the various boxes they are stored in?  Stop wasting your time and money!

Electronic Records/Document Management Systems


With technology changing daily, access and management of your information requires integration with current electronic systems. ERMS and EDMS systems allow your management team and staff members access to information without opening a paper file folder.

Active Records Improvement Programs


A to Z filing can no longer support the information processing demands of your organization. Color-coding, barcode tracking and side-tab filing systems are all part of a highly efficient active records management program to allow rapid retrieval of critical information.

Document Conversion & Scanning


Tired of paper stacked around your offices? Need to share client or public information across the country? Combined with an ERMS program, a document imaging system allows access to crucial information via intranets and the internet.

Records Retention


On average, 60% of an organization's paper files are obsolete and can be destroyed! Government agencies and regulatory bodies impose retention requirements on many types of business documents. Are your records maintained within these mandatory retention periods?

Information Governance and Best Practices
Good records and information management practices are essential to a successful business. Does your RIM program adequately address the accountability, transparency, integrity, protection, compliance, availability, retention and disposition components of Information Governance?
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